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Our flagship micro FREESTYLE frame!  The micro CB's now come in our EXOTIC 12K T700 Carbon with a super sexy layup that is sure to turn heads.  Also new to this version is WIDER & SLIGHTLY LONGER BODY allowing for the support of the popular Micro Eagle cameras.  Also the offset M3 FC holes.  Previous CB2.5" models had the M3 FC holes centered and the M2 were offset to the rear.  This was because the majority of popular electronics for micros were known to have M2.  So by placing the M2 holes to the rear builders would have more room to achieve higher camera angles.  However the M3 equipped electronics are making their way into the 20x20 form factor so something had to be done to accommodate those who build with M3.  Now the frame has no front or rear, well it dose but that will be determined by what electronics you choose to build with.  Now everyone is happy!

Frame weight:  27.6g (Weight is with camera and RX mount)


1X 1.5MM Top Plate

1X 2.5MM Bottom Plate

8X M3x6MM 7075 BLK Screws

4X M3x20MM BLACK Knurled Standoffs

TPU Print Kit BLACK: 4 X Scuff guard soft mounts, Camera mount,  XT30 Holster, Bottom RX mount.


This little rocket can be built with any 11xx motor but we recommend the RCX 1304 5000KV.  Even though it says 1304 the bolt patter is 11xx and they make almost as much as a 1404!  As for the FC, ANY 20x20 will work and now gives you plenty of room for max camera tilt. 

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